About Us

Dynamic, creative, and energized is what Star City School of Ballet aims to be as a dance studio. For us it's all about ballet movement as an art form.  And for more than two decades we've worked to involve, teach and inspire dancers of all kinds, just lovers of movement.  We are proudly the home of the Southwest Virginia Ballet, further bringing opportunities for dancers of all ages.

The Star City School of Ballet specializes in the teaching of Classical Ballet.  We believe that a solid ballet foundation (regardless of body type) can prepare a student for almost any other form of dance. 

Our students learn to dance in a structured environment. Whatever the ultimate goal of the individual may be, Star City School of Ballet students have a unique opportunity to receive the expert training needed to achieve their goals. The priceless mental, as well as physical, benefits our students receive from quality dance instruction, will last a lifetime.

From training, to rehearsal, to performance, our pre-professionals do it all.